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Internet experts agree that the two primary keys to a successful internet business are:

1) develop your own opt-in lists of interested prospects

2) bring quality traffic to actually view your website(s)

This page offers you an exceptionally effective way to do both of these at NO COST or VERY Little!  

Here is a simple strategy and system to build a group of good quality customers, who will also generate more leads and vast amounts of traffic for your internet business ("iBiz'), that can be totally free or just a few bucks -- your choice.

Simply enroll in each of the carefully selected programs below in which you are not already a participant.  Then copy this page and paste it into your web page creation software, replace the referral addresses (URL's) for these programs with your own, and post the page on your website for you to run in any lead and traffic services you choose.

NOTE: If you do not have the capability to do that, you can email your referral URL's (addresses) to us, and we will create a page like this of your own, and run it for you on our site for just $5 per year.

NOTE: This is a brand new service, with few participants right now.  So there is hardly any competition for you.

PRIVACY POLICY: We will not provide your private email address and information to anyone else; and we will send you very little email -- just when there is something important to communicate.  Further, you can unsubscribe at any time.

-- Jon Miller, author, iBizzer & webmaster

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Outstanding Leads Services


How To Use Traffic Exchanges

You should not really spend a lot of time clicking in traffic exchanges to view others' sites to earn hits. (There are better uses of your time.) 

Some exchanges offer an immediate bonus of hits for referrals, and most give ongoing rewards of hits from several levels of referrals as they click for views.

The best way to earn hits from these programs is by referring others to enroll in them; then click enough to stay active.

Another way to get traffic exchange hits is to buy them; but that may diminish your profit.

The traffic exchange part of our program is a simple way for you to develop multiple levels of clickers in several of the very best traffic exchange programs, so that you will earn a significant amount of hits. 

Restricting this list to a few of the very best exchanges, makes the process simple for each new person to set it up for themselves.

Everyone, including yourself, should pursue clicking in each program enough to be active, while running a member generating page like this one until there is a good level of hits being generated in multiple exchanges.

Soon you will have growing downlines in each of these programs.  Once the growth is expanding on its own, you can change the viewed website to another one that makes you more money, or to a rotator that runs several money-making sites.


Jon's Top Traffic Exchanges

My Selection Of The Best Traffic Generators

A traffic exchange offers those with a website a way to bring real visitors to their site. You view others' sites in exchange for others viewing yours.

Depending on the program, you may earn credits by setting a traffic exchange as your home page, by "surfing" (going to the exchange's site rotator and clicking to go to the next site after viewing a site for the number of seconds they require to earn a credit), or by referring others to enroll in the exchange program. 

When you refer others, in some cases you earn hits immediately, and, in most cases, you earn from the ongoing clicking activity of several levels of downliners.

I have selected several of the very best exchanges for you to enroll and use, based on their features and benefits. They are listed here in alphabetical order. Just click on the link under each description, to read the details at their site, then locate their "join" form.


BIONIC HITS -- Hit exchange and pop-under exchange.  50 hits for getting started.  Earn 10% of traffic on 10 levels of referrals.  2:1 exchange rate (1:1 for Pro Members). 10 levels of referrals view your website to activate.



HIT SAFARI -- One of the best rated traffic exchanges.  Earn traffic on 6 levels of referrals as they use this system.  25 bonus credits for each referral. 2:1 exchange rate (1:1 for Pro Members). Earn cash on purchases by referrals. Promote multiple sites.  Anti-cheat features.



TOP SURFER -- Among the oldest traffic sites. 100 hits for your own FREE sign-up + 100 hits for each referral. 1 hit for 2 sites viewed. Get extra hits for every 100 sites viewed. Win 1, 5, even 25 extra hits when surfing. Everyone surfs to be "active". Only 15 seconds until credit for viewing. Built-in anti-cheat features. Very inexpensive wholesale program to purchase low cost hits & earn money. They have a free rotator to run multiple sites.



TRAFFIC G -- One of the best, with 1 to 1 exchange rate; referral bonuses through 5 levels; and 5 services in one:  surfing exchange, start page service, banner exchange, link exchange, and search engine directory.



TRAFFIC SYNDICATE -- This is among the most advanced traffic exchange systems. Unique visitors to see your site.  You can start free and work your way to massive hits and earnings. Or you can choose to purchase a higher level of participation.  Many ways to benefit.



WEB BIZ INSIDER -- May be the best exchange. Super 1 to 1 earning rate on viewing for FREE members. Receive free hits just for showing your Web Biz Insider referral page. Earn 100 hits for referring a new member. Earn 10% on the surfing of 10 levels of referrals. Earn 5 bonus hits for surfing 25 sites. Earn credits for reading email from upline, or use this feature to email to downline. Premium Membership available too.



WEBMASTER QUEST -- Excellent start-page AND surf-for-hits exchange. Referral credits thru 5 levels. You can rotate multiple sites to be viewed. Anti-cheat features insure real visitors. FREE to enroll.



Once you have enrolled in the programs above, and completed the activation process for each that has one; either create a similar page in your web page editor, insert your referral addresses (URL's), and post the page at your site, then use to bring traffic to you;


CONTACT US with your referral addresses for these programs, and for $5 per year we'll set up a "Prospect Generation System" page like this one for you on our website to promote in traffic exchanges, opt-in email, classifieds, etc. (NO SPAM! -- Your page will be deleted for SPAM complaints.)






I hope you have great iBiz success. -- Jon Miller

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