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FREE AD DEPOT -- Now this is a great advertising program!  You can place effective ads for free, or pay for better placement.  Click below to see what it's all about.




MAILWASHER -- Gives you the opportunity to clean up your email before you bring it to your computer.  First, you can delete obnoxious porn, gambling, medicine offers, and other SPAM before it gets to your Inbox. ALSO, you can BOUNCE a message back to the source.  AND you can "Blacklist" any address so email from it will bounce every time.  (You can "unblacklist" an address later if you wish.) 

In many cases the bounces will cause the source to take you off of their list. (NOTE: Sending a "remove" request validates that you received their email, which may lead to your valid address being sold or provided to other Spammers.)

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