The Standard American Diet ("SAD") is mostly cooked, high in carbs, and often loaded with sugar.


 This diet is lacking terribly in nutrients, especially trace minerals, pigments and enzymes.

These are crucial for complete good health.


Many "enriched" foods have inferior synthetic vitamins and poorly absorbing rock minerals added to them.


 The products we offer here can help meet your body's needs and greatly improve health and well-being.


Make your selections with confidence that these items are of outstanding quality.


You should notice the difference in your energy and vitality.

Natural Nutrition


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Liquid Multi Vitamin-Mineral

Vitamin deficiency is a major contributor to illness and disease. The usual synthetic vitamins added to food products and sold as supplements in drug stores and supermarkets are NOT compatible with the body's energy.  Only a portion of a synthesized nutrient may be able to be used by a cell.  In fact, too much of certain synthetics, such as synthetic vitamin E, actually toxifies and disturbs the body.

Further, most vitamin products are offered as tablets.  Most of these are very poorly broken down.  Septic tank cleaning companies report that astounding numbers of undigested vitamin pills appear in the human waste they collect.  These "potty pellets" are evidence of many wasted dollars.

This complete multi-vitamin mineral has been prepared in liquid form for maximum utilization by the body. It includes amino acids for the synergy they provide, and goodly amounts of the major minerals in absorbable forms, as well as an array of synergistic ionic trace minerals. 

The various nutrients in this well-absorbed liquid multiple work together to support your health. This should make positive difference in your feeling of well-being!  A 32 oz. bottle is a month's supply for an adult.

Try "Vitawave Liquid Multi Vitamin-Mineral"  daily and NOTICE the difference!

32 oz. VitaWave Liquid Multi Vitamin-Mineral for $38.70 + $7.50 shipping


Ionic Trace Minerals

Agricultural soils and our food supply are greatly deficient in trace minerals. 

Ionic Minerals contains 70 charged (ionic) trace minerals. Charged minerals do not need to be broken down further for absorption. They are quickly taken up by the cells that line the intestinal tract and readily employed in the body. Ionic minerals also play an important role in supporting a healthy pH balance.

Fulvic acid and açai berry extract complement this formula.

Fulvic acid scavenges free radicals, supplies electrolytes, enhances nutrient transport, catalyzes enzyme reactions, increases assimilation and helps rebuild the immune system.

Açai berry extract provides valuable antioxidants, amino acids, anthocyanins and essential fatty acids, plus a phenomenal flavor.


• Supplies highly bioavailable ionic minerals to support bio-electric mineral-powered reactions throughout the body.
• Helps regulate pH balance in the body.
• Provides a full spectrum of 70 ionic trace minerals.
• Supports the circulatory system with the antioxidant benefits of açai berry.

Recommended Usage:

Take 1 Tablespoon twice daily with a meal.
Keep lid tightly closed and refrigerate after opening.


Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1 Tablespoon (15 ml)
Servings per container: 63
Amount Per 15 ml Serving *


32 oz. Ionic Mineral Drops for $29.17 + $7.50 shipping



Ionic Magnesium

More Important Than You May Think

Magnesium deficiency underlies much of the degenerative disease epidemic that consumes so many of our health-care dollars. The Standard American Diet ("SAD") is low in magnesium.   The negative effects of a low intake of magnesium are made even worse by the high levels of fat, sugar, sodium, and phosphate in this common diet.

Ironically, magnesium deficiency can also be worsened by the use of calcium supplements, which has become widespread both because of our awareness of calcium's value for bone health, and and due to exaggerated claims of those promoting calcium as a "cure-all".  Most calcium products are very poorly absorbed, especially the cheap, widely used calcium carbonate (chalk).  Such calcium binds magnesium in the intestine, and it can inhibit its entry into cells, increasing the risk of heart attack.

This vitally important nutrient is not only inadequate in much of our processed foods, but also in our water supplies, and just at a time in history when our stressful lifestyle demands that we have more of this important mineral.

Magnesium deficiency is a significant part of the reason for circulatory disease being the number one killer.  Hearts and blood vessels need magnesium to stay healthy.

Magnesium is a natural tranquilizer. It is called the "anti-stress mineral" because it aids in relaxing nerves and relieving tension.

Magnesium assists digestion, activates enzymes important for protein and carbohydrate metabolism, and modulates the electrical potential across all cell membranes.

Magnesium is important in muscle contraction and relaxation, the production and transfer of energy, and in nerve conduction.  It also aids regularity, is necessary to keep vertabrae in their proper positions, induces restful sleep, purifies and purges body tissues (combats acids, toxins, gases, impurities, and neutralizes poisons), and lowers fever.

Extra magnesium can enhance your energy during the day, and help you sleep better at night.  Many people with insomnia have found that with adequate magnesium they can go right to sleep and stay asleep all night.

Magnesium is stored primarily in the bowel, nerves and ligaments.

Natural food sources of it include: chlorophyll (green pigment in vegetables and plant foods), nuts, whole grains, unpolished "brown" rice, wheat germ.

Indications of a Magnesium Deficiency



Calcification of organs

Calcification of small arteries





ECG warning

Growth problems


Kidney stones

Malignant calcification of tissue

Muscular weakness

Muscle tremors

Muscle tics


Myocardial infarction (heart attack)

Neuromuscular problems

Premenstrual tension (PMS)


Weight problem



For additional magnesium, a highly absorbable & beneficial magnesium supplement is available:

No preservatives or artificial ingredients.

4 fl. oz. Mega-Mag Ionic Magnesium for $11.97 + $5 shipping


2 bottles of 4 fl. oz. Mega-Mag Ionic Magnesium for $23.94 + $6 shipping

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EZorb Advanced Calcium

Since most of us probably have some degree of calcium deficiency from over acidity, soda pop and coffee consumption, and poor dietary calcium intake,  some extra calcium is important for all of us.  This special concentrated calcium is particularly recommended for those who have known bone density problems, joint deterioration, fibromyalgia, nerve disorders, etc.

"EZorb" is a unique form of anhydrous calcium aspartate, which is 6 times as stable as any other calcium aspartate.  This is a special chelation with l-aspartic acid to form an organic compound. 

 No other calcium comes close to the absorption level of this calcium product.

EZorb has been proven to be 92% absorbed due to its special small molecular size.  It easily crosses the intestinal wall and cell membranes, and is assimilated and available for use as needed by cells.  Most other calcium supplements have from 10% to 30% absorption, even though some claim to be well-absorbed.

There are 130 mg of elemental calcium per gram of EZorb, but it is absorbed about 4 to 6 times as well as other calcium supplements. So, for example, two EZorb capsules (1120 mg) provide 146 mg elemental, which would be the equivalent of other supplements providing 600-875 mg of elemental calcium in a serving; or two tsp. of EZorb powder (2 grams) provide 260 mg elemental. which would be the equivalent of 1040-1560 mg. of elemental calcium in some other calcium product.  

The raw materials of EZorb are extracted from plants and vegetables.  Not only is it well-absorbed, it stimulates osteoblasts (bone forming cells) in their activities.  This causes calcium to be added to the bones, and cartilage to be repaired.  EZorb also accelerates collagen production so that your joints will be kept agile and lubricated.

Moreover, EZorb calcium does not form calcium deposits, and will not cause stomach disorders or kidney stones.  Other calcium products, including most of the popular ones available on the market today, do form stones in your body and cause G.I. distress!


Unlike other forms of supplemental calcium, EZorb does not bind magnesium in the intestines, which is why most calcium supplements have magnesium in them as well.  Extra magnesium is not needed or included in EZorb.


In calculating how much to take, you should consider any known deficiency, then you must also consider the quality of calcium that is in foods you are eating.  For example, well grown broccoli and carrots contain good calcium.  Pasteurized milk and dairy products do NOT provide good calcium, despite the claims.  Also, avoid the poor calciums added to orange juice and other foods.
You may find that an extra amount of EZorb is needed for a deficiency before reducing it to the normal level. 

NOTE: Please understand that other nutrients and minerals beyond calcium are needed for the health of the bones, teeth, nerves, and every other tissue in the body.  I recommend that an ionic multi--mineral be taken along with EZorb, especially for those with known or suspected calcium deficiency problems. 

In the long run, extra magnesium should also be taken when extra calcium is taken regularly, to keep the proper magnesium levels in the body's cells.  

EZorb together with extra ionic magnesium and other superior nutrients should gradually help your body be the strongest it can be.

EZorb is not cheap, but it is so well absorbed you do not have to take as much as with any other calcium product.  We make it available at low prices.

(NOTE: At this time, we can only ship EZorb to those living in the U.S.)


 180 capsules of EZorb (560 mg each) for $39.95 + $6.95 shipping


 2 bottles of 180 capsules of EZorb (560 mg each) for $79.90 + $6.95 shipping



 100 gm of EZorb powder for $36.95 + $6.95 shipping


 2 bottles of 100 gm of EZorb powder for $73.90 + $6.95 shipping


OR Combine

180 capsules of EZorb (560 mg each) PLUS

100 gm of EZorb powder for $76.90 + $6.95 shipping


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