Juicers are machines that extract fresh juice from vegetables & fruits, fresh herbs, and/or wheat grass, to get the most nutrients out of them for your body.

By various means -- chopping, masticating, centrifugal force, screening or pressing -- the juice is separated from the fiber.

Your choice of a juicer will depend on the qualities you are looking for as well as price.

If you want a machine that will make nut butters, sauces, baby food, and frozen desserts, as well as juice, you may pay more than for one that makes juice only. 

Best Juicers At Low Prices


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A Juicer In Your Kitchen

A juicer provides easily digestible fresh raw power drinks teeming with enzymes. This is the most nutritious way to consume food. The improved energy, strengthening of tissues and feeling of well-being, make juicing one of the most important health-building activities.

Every home needs a high quality, simple-to-use and easy-to-clean juicer that is affordable. We are glad to make them available.

A variety of exotic natural treats will please your family and friends!

The newer "auger" type of juicers will juice fruits & vegetables and process foods into sauces, butters and frozen desserts, as well as juicing wheat grass if you choose too.  The juice from these auger juicers contains more pulp than the juice from centrifugal juicers, which means more minerals and fiber.  The auger juicers crush the food materials rather than cutting and shredding them.  Further, their slow rotation generates less heat so nutrients are not destroyed with friction, heat and oxidation, as happens to some degree with most other juicers.


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SoloStar & GreenStar Juicers

(GreenStar described further below)



SoloStar II Juicer, Model NT-9002


Introducing the New SOLO STAR II JUICER, Model NT-9002

The only single auger juicer that offers dual stage juicing and a bigger and longer auger to press more tightly. Accordingly, it makes much more juice yields with much less pulp in the juice comparing to other single auger juicers.
  • Phase I
    During the initial crushing phase, the SoloStar filters out the juice before it can be reabsorbed into the pulp.
  • Phase II
    In the secondary pressing phase the remaining pulp is then squeezed.
  • The new SoloStar II is a single-auger juicer brought to you by Tribest, manufacturers of the highly regarded twin-gear juicer, the GreenStar Juicer.  

    SoloStar II's single-auger juicing mechanism gently masticates produce to extract juice of exceptionally high nutritional quality.  Because its auger spins at only 80 RPM, the SoloStar II is able to yield "live" juice in which vital enzyme activity is maintained and nutritional value is maximized. 

    Other masticating juicers on the market employ a high-RPM process, which heats produce in the juicing process. This excess heat not only causes juice to be unpleasantly warm, but can actually destroy precious vitamins & minerals, and diminish enzyme activity. The high-RPM masticating juicers also introduce excess air, which in combination with heat, may also accelerate oxidation.

    On the other hand, SoloStar II's gentle juicing process minimizes heat and turbulence that can be so damaging to the fragile nutrients contained in freshly extracted juice.

    Furthermore, unlike the SoloStar II, high-RPM masticating juicers are also notorious for not being able to handle leafy greens and fibrous vegetables. SoloStar II's low-RPM single-auger design makes it able to easily extract juice from a wide variety of produce, including: hard roots like carrots; leafy greens like spinach and kale; fibrous vegetables like celery; a wide assortment of fruits; and even wheatgrass - all without having to stop and change any parts!

    The SoloStar II is the newest model in the SoloStar line and raises the bar for single-auger juice extractors. The original SoloStar has the reputation of being the finest single-auger juicer available with its dual-stage extraction process and quiet efficiency. The SoloStar-II with its updated auger design and juicing mechanism is vastly improved in performance and quality.

    The SoloStar II can handle all of your toughest juicing jobs, from wheat grass to pine needles quickly and effortlessly. It also can handle many other kitchen tasks. Use the SoloStar-II to make nut butters, pates, and delicious sorbets right at home. With the included accessories, SoloStar-II can also easily convert into a Pasta Presser. Use your favorite ingredients to make your own fresh spaghetti or fettuccini type pasta noodles. Add different juices to your pasta dough to enhance flavors, and create exciting new colors. The SoloStar-II can also be used as a grinder and mill. Grind, chop and mince your favorite spices, or use the mill to make delicious rice cakes right in your own kitchen.

    SoloStar II Features & Benefits

    Larger Auger - In order to deliver more juice from your produce, the SoloStar's auger is longer and heavier than competitors' augers.  Very simple to operate, the SoloStar II auger gently moves food items through the grinder to efficiently produce results of the highest quality.

    Dual-Stage Juicing Process - SoloStar II's exclusive dual-stage juicing process achieves greater efficiency than other single-auger juicers.  The ejected pulp is dryer than that from other juicers, which means you get more high-quality juice from your produce, while mixing in less pulp. It works by filtering out juice during the initial crushing phase, before it can be reabsorbed into the pulp, and then squeezes the remaining pulp in the secondary pressing phase to extract every last drop of juice. More juice goes in your cup, and less stays behind in the pulp. 

    The SoloStar-II uses an improved Dual-Stage juicing process to be even more efficient than the 1st generation SoloStar. Its extremely slow rotation speed ensures that juice extracted with the SoloStar-II is of the highest quality, and of the best flavor, with no heating of the juice.  Also, less oxidation of the juice means more of the living enzymes and nutrients are extracted intact.

    Other low-RPM single-auger juicers utilize a single-stage juicing process that is not as efficient as the SoloStar II in separating juice from pulp.  

    Versatile - The SoloStar II can handle virtually any fruit, vegetable, leafy green, herb, or grass that you would want to juice. It can also easily convert into a flat pasta or round noodle maker, or a mill, with its included accessories.

    Quality - SoloStar II's low-speed auger gently crushes and squeezes your produce. Because juice is not heated and mixed with oxygen in the process, the fragile vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes are preserved.  Conventional high-speed juicers, heat the juice with friction against the blade and basket.  They also violently "fling" the juice around.  Much of the nutrients and live enzymes may be damaged, and flavor lost. The SoloStar II delivers all the natural goodness and flavor that you should demand from a superior juicer.  It yields juice of exceptional nutritional quality.

    Durable - Only the highest quality, heavy duty materials were used in the construction of SoloStar II.  It's excellence of design ensures problem-free juicing for many years to come. SolorStar II is UL and CE approved, and meets the highest of manufacturing standards.  It has a five-year warranty on parts and service.

    Service - Tribest corporation has been world renowned for bringing you the GreenPower, GreenLife and GreenStar juicers, and the original SoloStar.  Now with SoloStar II, Tribest celebrates its 16th year of bring you service, quality, and value.

    The SoloStar II offers a very affordable way to efficiently obtain fresh, high-quality, live juices.

    SoloStar-ll Specifications

    • Type -- Single Auger
    • Weight -- 20 lbs (9kg)
    • Power of Motor -- 180W
    • Measurement -- 19" x 9" x 13"
    • RPM -- 80 with Load
    • Warranty -- 5 Years
    • Shaft Horsepower -- Effectively 4hp w/ Gear Reduction
    • built in carry handle 

    Parts Included:
    Fettuccini Nozzle
    Homogenizing Nozzle
    Spaghetti Nozzle
    Pulp Strainer
    Foam Strainer
    Juice Container
    Pulp Container
    Juicing Screen
    Homogenizing Screen
    Plastic Plunger

    SoloStar II Juicer Model NT-9002 Details:

    <> Construction: Plastic Housing, Melamine Auger, Stainless Screen <>

    <> Dimensions: 19" high x 9" wide x 13" long <> Weight: 20 lbs <>

    <> Shaft Horsepower: Effectively 4 hp w/gear reduction <> 80 rpm turning speed <>

    <> 180 watts 60 hertz 120 volts <> 5 year warranty <>


    (Suggested Retail Price -- $299.95)

    Our Low Price -- $247 (includes shipping to 48 states)*

    *(NOTE: For orders from outside the contiguous 

    48 United States, see info near bottom of page.)


    GreenStar Juicer


    Start A Healthy Day With The GreenStar Juice Extractor

    Independent laboratory tests confirm that GreenStar's Twin Gear Press technology extracts a substantially higher mineral content than other leading juicers. Concentrations of essential minerals like calcium, iron, and zinc are found to be 50%-200% higher in juice from GreenStar than in juice from other juicers.

    GreenStar uses strong magnets and a bio-ceramic material for fresher juice which can be stored longer due to delayed oxidation.  It has three cutting points on the gears to cut stringy fibers preventing a machine jam which often occurs with ordinary dual gear juicers.

    The innovative technology behind this juicer / food processor makes it the best machine for everyone. Green Star juicers have a patented twin gear mechanism that has three innovative features:

    (1) - Flat surfaces that triturate (press) the food, extruding it over (2) a serial magnet surrounded by bioceramic materials that enhances the stability of the freshness of the food. This process occurs at (3) a low speed of 110 RPM, which means that there is virtually no heating, or shock, to the enzymes of any food passing through these gears.

    Three GreenStar models -- GS-1000, GS-2000 & GS-3000

    The difference between the three models is simply the number of accompanying accessories.


    These accessories are provided with all 3 models:

    • Fine Screen
    • Glass Pitcher
    • Homogenizing Blank
    • Wooden Plunger
    • Cleaning Brush


    These items are included with the GS-2000 & GS-3000:
    • Coarse Screen
    • Stainless Steel Strainer 
    • Drip Tray

    These accessories are included only with the GS-3000:

    • Breadstick Maker Set 
    • Pasta Maker Set
    • Plastic Plunger 

    The GS-1000 is the model for the person who plans to use the unit simply for juices, sauces and nut butters. The GS-3000 is the model for the person who plans to use it also for making pasta, breadsticks, etc. 

    All GreenStar models come with a 5-year warranty.


    GreenStar Juicer Details:

    <> Unique triturating twin gear technology <> Impeller press system <>

    <> Operates at 110 rpm, lower than most other juicers <> Minimum of friction <>

    <> Crushes & presses instead of cutting & shredding <> Extracts more juice <>

    <> Drier pulp <> Separates juice from harmful pesticides & heavy metals which

    might be present on fruits or vegetables <> Reverse turning safety feature <>

    <> Easy to disassemble/assemble & clean <> Built-in convenient cord storage <>

    <> Easy to clean -- brush included <> Built-in carrying handle <> Weighs 24lbs <>

    <> Magnetic & bio-ceramic technology <> Quiet -- reduced operational noise <>

    <> Automatic pulp ejection -- continuous juicing <> Highest quality materials & workmanship <>

    <> Juices almost all fruits & vegetables <> Juices fibrous & pulpy plants <>

    <> Juices leafy greens, wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, & other grasses <>

    <> Handles herbs & pine needles <> Make pates, sauces & baby food <>

    <> Makes nut butters, frozen fruit sorbet & more <> Makes pasta in 2 shapes <>

    <> Makes Japanese rice cake (mochi), bread sticks & cookies <> Use fresh. frozen or dried foods <>

    <> Patented Pocket Recess guides food into the area between the two gears <>

    <> 12" high x 6.5" wide x 18.5" long <> 110 rpm turning speed <> 1/4 hp motor <>

    <> 190 watts, 60 hertz, 120 volts <> 5 year warranty <>


    CLICK HERE for more information on the GreenStar Twin Gears.

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    GreenStar Juice Extractor, Model GS-1000

    (Suggested Retail Price -- $499.95)

    Our Low Price -- $437 (includes shipping to 48 states)*



    GreenStar Juice Extractor, Model GS-2000

    (Suggested Retail Price -- $519.95)

    Our Low Price -- $457 (includes shipping to 48 states)*



    GreenStar Juice Extractor, Model GS-3000

    (Suggested Retail Price -- $549.95)

    Our Low Price -- $470 (includes shipping to 48 states)*


    *(NOTE: For orders from outside the contiguous 

    48 United States, see info near bottom of page.)


    Samson Juicers

    Samson Green Bison Model GB 9001 Juicer

    The Samson 9001 is well made, and its quality is supported by a 5 year warranty on parts & labor and a 10 year warranty on the motor.  It has an automatic shut-off feature to prevent overheating.  The unit will restart and continue juicing after briefly cooling.

    Samson Juicer Model GB 9001 Details

    Single gear (auger) type <> slow speed (80 RPM) <> continuous juicing <> high yield with dry pulp <> will juice everything from carrots to wheat grass <> will also make nut butters, sauces, baby food, pasta, frozen fruit desserts and salsa <> grinds herbs, etc. <> cleans up in a minute or 2 <> simple assembly <> built-in protective shut-off <> 5 year warranty on parts & labor <> 10 years on motor

    Samson Model 9001

    (Suggested Retail -- $299.95)

    Our Low Price -- $227 (includes shipping to 48 states)*


    *(NOTE: For orders from outside the contiguous 

    48 United States, see info near bottom of page.)



    Omega Juicer

    Model 8005

    The Omega Model 8005 Nutrition Center is Omega's  newest single gear, masticating juice extractor that will serve all of your juicing needs, plus there are many other uses, such as mincing, grinding, homogenizing, etc.

    The 8005 model replaces the 8002 model.  Both models use the single gear extraction method, with a patented auger that features two stage juicing, which helps to increase yield over other single auger juicers. 

    In addition, there are less parts to clean with the 8005  than with the previous 8001 and 8002 models.   No separate attachments are needed.  The Omega 8005 Nutrition Center is easy to assemble and disassemble for quick cleaning.

    This unit is a "multiple use" appliance. Most appliances that are built for more than one use tend to compromise one task or another.  The Omega 8005 performs ALL of its functions very well.

    The 8005 auger turns at a low speed of 80 RPMs to insure low temperature juice with nothing lost through heat generation. Your juice will have a full taste and the highest nutritional value.

    This low speed also helps the Omega 8005 foam less than a double gear style juicer.

    The heavy-duty construction of this juicer features a patented, stone mill-like screw, made of hygienic U.S. FDA-approved melamine, avoiding having your juice contaminated with poisonous heavy metals from metallic augers.

    The powerful motor drives the auger to chew the plant fibers and penetrate membranes to extract vitamins, enzymes, and mineral content. The 8005 features continuous juicing with "Automatic Pulp Ejection".   It is engineered for quiet operation and long-life.

    The Omega 8005 Nutrition Center assures you many years of trouble-free, dependable service.  There is a ten-year limited warranty on all parts and labor.

    The 8005 has multiple uses:

    ~ Vegetable Juicer                        ~ Soy Milk

    ~ Fruit Juicer                               ~ Frozen Dessert Maker

    ~ Wheat Grass Juicer                    ~ Nut Butters

    ~ Mincing/Chopping                        ~ Baby Foods

    ~ Grinding 

    Omega Model 8005 Juicer Details:

    Single gear (auger) masticating extraction <> quiet 1/3 HP motor <> runs at 2 HP with gear reduction <> patented two-stage system <> built-in reverse prevents clogging <> durable heavy-duty construction <> low speed (80 RPM) <> continuous juicing <> less heat <> high yield of juice / dry pulp <> less foam <> juices vegetables, fruits, wheat grass, etc. <> makes nut butters, pasta, baby food, sauces, frozen fruit desserts, etc. <> UL and cUL approved <> labeled for both household & commercial use <> user-friendly, easy to clean <> 16" L, 7.5" W, 12.5" H <> 18 lb. <> 120 volts, 60 Hz, 150 watts <>   10 year limited warranty


    Omega Model 8005 

    (Suggested Retail -- $299)

    Our Low Price -- $259.97 (includes shipping to 48 states)*

    *(NOTE: For orders from outside the contiguous 

    48 United States, see info near bottom of page.)


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